Why Mobile Service?


Mobile denture service can benefit those who have

difficulty getting out to a denture clinic.

We will provide a Home Visit for someone who is:

  • Hospitalized or recently released from the hospital

  • Living in a Long Term Care or Assisted Living Facility

  • Bedridden or Mobility Impaired 

  • A senior still in their own home or Independant Living Complex who would benefit from a home visit

How To Begin...

Many of our patients have help with decision making from a family member or friend.

A consultation with this person will be arranged (often over the phone) to discuss the patients denture needs before visiting the patient for an examination and assessment of their dentures. 

Possible treatment options and costs are discussed with the patient and their decision maker.  After getting full consent, the denture procedures will begin. 

Island Mobile Denture Services
Robin Rozel
Your Mobile Denturist
Home & Hospital Visits
Serving Victoria and Surounding Area
Phone:  250-727-8477
Email:  mobiledenturist@shaw.ca

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