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Services Provided:

Fix Loose Dentures
RELINES: refitting of your denture. 

Are your dentures getting loose?  Is food getting under them? Your gums will gradually shrink over time and your dentures will need to be relined.  Often if you have lost a significant amount of weight it will effect the fit of your dentures.  

Providing all types of dentures.

Your dentures will eventually  need replacing with time. The teeth will wear down and will not allow you to chew properly.  Your jaws can become over closed creating sores at the corners of the mouth. Getting new dentures can create a more youthful appearance and a wonderful new smile!


Fix broken dentures
REPAIRS:  fixing a broken denture.

Dentures can be broken by dropping on the floor or hitting against something such as the sink when cleaning.  Most broken dentures can be repaired as long as no pieces are missing.


Senior Care at Home and Hospital Visits

You will receive individualized, quality, and professional denture care directly to you where you reside. We will come to your home, the hospital, or care facility to look after all your denture needs.

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