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Bringing Your Smile Back To You.

Robin Rozel, Denturist

Robin Rozel is a 

Registered Denturist who has been providing mobile denture services since 1994.  Robin has a kind and gentle manner which helps her patients remain calm and comfortable as she performs the denture work.  Robin is experienced working with patients who have dementia, mobility issues, and the more frail elderly. She will assess the patients own personal needs in order to determine their best denture care.

Complete Dentures
  • Denture Relines

  • Denture Repairs

  • New Dentures

  • Consultations

  • Home & Hospital Calls

Denture Care
For Seniors
Senior Denture Care

Sometimes a seniors need for denture care can  go unnoticed and they can suffer from denture discomfort too long. This can be due to a reduced ability to communicate and having less awareness.  

Well maintained dentures allow for proper chewing, swallowing, and digestion. This enables the senior to eat a variety of healthy foods promoting good nutrition.   

The mobile denture services makes it easier for the senior to get the denture care they need.

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